President’s Message

Morris Brown College National Alumni Association

President’s Message

As the 26th President of the Morris Brown College National Alumni Association, I, Jethro Joseph, bring you greetings.

Over 100 years ago, some amazing people got together and took an extraordinary, self-sacrificing leap of faith to form an organization to support Morris Brown College. These founders had the vision to bring together dedicated people, all working together, with the common purpose to back Morris Brown College through this supporting organization. They also understood that the continuing education of the support organization’s members would also be the key to its success. As a result, the Morris Brown College National Alumni Association was born and still exists today. They dreamed and believed that the organization they founded would always be there to support Morris Brown College and its legacy, to assist anyone hungry and thirsty for an education.

Today, we face some significant challenges even our founders could not have imagined. However, with the pathway they laid before us, we have a solid core foundation, and we will overcome our current obstacles.

We have an extraordinary opportunity to keep that dream alive—to continue what they started so long ago—to play a significant role in the Morris Brown College lifecycle, using our God-given resources, love, passion, intellect, and finances, to get us back on track. Proper planning and restructuring can propel Morris Brown College forward for the next 100 years.

The Morris Brown National Alumni Association has stayed the course, and we are thankful.  It is time to embrace the future by committing to:

Growing our Membership
Growing and Strengthening our Chapters
Providing Financial Support for the College
Promoting a Good Working Relationship with the College
Actively Recruiting Students for the College

We are proud to be affiliated with Morris Brown College. We have come from humble beginnings through a period of growth, development, expansion, downturn, and to outright struggle but, to all my fellow Brownites, we are still here!

All in all, the Morris Brown College National Alumni Association and Morris Brown College are still aligned.

Preserving a Legacy, Securing a Future.

Jethro Joseph ’69
President MBC NAA


National Alumni Association Officers: 2019-2020 

President – Jethro Joseph,  ’69

Vice President – Theresa L. Jackson, ’81

Recording Secretary – Dr. LaTonya MartinRogers, ’97

Corresponding Secretary – Willene White-Smith, ’77 

Treasurer – Dr. Shirley Barlow, ’73

Financial Secretary – Norissa L. Mellix, ’85

Second Alumni Representative to the Board – Inez Y. Greggs, ’06,

Parliamentarian – Donald  J. Fuller, ’66

Director of Alumni Affairs -Todd G. Blackburn, ’90


































Greetings,  Brownites:

It is a pleasure to serve as your 24th President (4th Female) of the MBC National Alumni Association. Our Association was established in 1902 to assist Morris Brown College and students. The Alumni Association recognizes the accomplishment and contribution of the college alumni yearly at the Awards Luncheon. The Association has also researched and implemented a birthday information  celebration for Bishop Morris Brown, ( 2nd. Consecrated Bishop). We found out that Bishop Morris Brown was an avid educator, civil rights, and religious leader. Knowing this information makes us very proud.

The Alumni Association has been following the example of Bishop Morris Brown in providing quality education for our students. We also network for our students, provide scholarships, housing, meals, educational and social activities. I want to extend my hearty appreciation to all the alumni for your unwavering support. We have had some major projects during the past three years and you were there to help. Brownites, we did an amazing job with The MBC Focus Group-Phase ONE,-the “We Are Morris Brown College “––“Raise the Roof Initiative,” “The Gofundme,” and “MBC Car Give-A-way.” As we now move into the Morris Brown College, Twenty-Twenty Capital Campaign, we look forward to your continued support in the years to come. Thank you to the Affinity Groups for working with the Alumni Association, too. Our motto is, “To God and Truth” and, as our Alma Mater affirms:  Morris Brown is a “A Haven for Hungry Souls!”


Shirley M. Barlow ’73
MBCNAA President