Alma Mater / Morris Brown College


Video (above) of Morris Brown Singers of the Alma Mater, a video orchestrated,  produced, and directed by Jody Mayfield,  2018 graduate of Morris Brown College.




Alma Mater,

pride of earth,

Gav’st to me another birth,

Haven for all hungry souls,

Feeding them shall be Thy goal,

Ever let thy banner be,

Emblem of the brave and free,

A welcome true to everyone,

Until Thy work is done.

Hail to Thee, maker of men,

Honor to Thee once again,

Sacred truths on firmest ground,

Hail to Thee, Dear Morris Brown.

To thy precepts praise accord,

To them may we e’er be bound,

And bow and thank the gracious Lord,

For dear ol’ Morris Brown.

Lyrics By: Milton Randolph